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 Top 10 Best English Medium Schools in Bangladesh 2023

 Top 10 Best English Medium Schools in Bangladesh 2023

Education is the foundation of a nation’s progress, and Bangladesh, with its rich history and diverse culture, is no exception. English medium schools have played a significant role in providing quality education to the students of Bangladesh. These schools not only focus on academics but also emphasize character development and extracurricular activities. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 10 English medium schools in Bangladesh, each contributing to the growth and development of the nation.

  • The Aga Khan School, Dhaka:
  • The Aga Khan School in Dhaka is known for its holistic education, excellent faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. It has consistently ranked among the top schools in Bangladesh and focuses on nurturing well-rounded individuals.
  • International School Dhaka (ISD):
    ISD is an institution known for its international curriculum and diverse student body. It offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and prepares students for global challenges. The school also emphasizes community service and leadership.
  • Mastermind School:
    Mastermind School is one of the most reputed schools in Bangladesh, offering the Edexcel curriculum. Its dedication to academic excellence and character development makes it a top choice for parents seeking a well-rounded education for their children.
  • Sunbeams School:
    Sunbeams School has a long-standing tradition of providing quality education in Bangladesh. With its commitment to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills, it is a popular choice among parents.
  • Maple Leaf International School:
    Maple Leaf is known for its modern teaching methods, advanced facilities, and highly qualified educators. The school offers Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) programs and prepares students for international academic challenges.
  • Dhaka International School (DIS):
    DIS is an English medium school known for its rigorous academic programs and focus on extracurricular activities. It has a reputation for producing well-rounded individuals who excel both academically and socially.
  • South Breeze School:
    South Breeze School follows the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum and places a strong emphasis on character education. It is known for its nurturing and supportive learning environment.
  • Scholastica:
    Scholastica is one of the largest English medium school networks in Bangladesh, with multiple campuses across the country. It offers a comprehensive education system that prepares students for success in the global arena.
  • European Standard School (ESS):
    ESS is a school that combines modern educational approaches with traditional values. It is known for its dedicated faculty and a strong emphasis on character development.
  • Sunnydale School:
    Sunnydale School is a renowned institution that offers a blend of the Edexcel and Cambridge curricula. It is known for its commitment to academic excellence and personal growth.

Bangladesh boasts a wide range of English medium schools that provide students with the tools they need to succeed in a globalized world. These top 10 schools, in particular, stand out for their commitment to academic excellence, character development, and preparation for the challenges of the 21st century. Whether you’re a parent looking for the best education for your child or a student seeking a well-rounded learning experience, these schools are excellent choices to consider on your educational journey in Bangladesh.

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